Colored Pencils

After years of working as an oil painter I developed an allergic reaction to petroleum products, making it difficult to paint. Due to health concerns I worked exclusively in metal point (see other gallery link) for three years. Missing the challenges and visual effects of color, I started experimenting with colored pencils, trying different papers, brands of pencils and techniques. Eventually I found that the PrismaColor Verithins gave me the same control and precision that I enjoyed with the metal point medium while allowing me to layer thin veils of color, much like I would do when glazing in oil paints. Using this new material I returned to the still life format. However using color invited the use of different objects, broadening the content of my work. Now I have the luxury of moving between two bodies of work, one with metal point and the other with colored pencil. Both bodies of work joined by my ongoing interest in the act of observational drawing.